Key Stage 1 English

Language plays a fundamental part in the learning process.  We encourage our children to listen, to respond to others, and to talk about what they are learning.  Great emphasis is therefore given to teaching children the skills they need to communicate effectively and to enjoy our rich language to the full.

Our aim in reading is for children to become independent readers who read for meaning and enjoyment.  We provide a wide range of fiction and non-fiction materials which encourage children to develop reading strategies, together with comprehension and information retrieval skills.

In writing we encourage each child to convey meaning in clearly and carefully written language, with awareness of both the purpose and the ‘audience’.  Phonics, spelling, grammar and handwriting are all taught in a highly structured way so that each child develops the necessary skills to produce work of which they are proud.

Drama is an integral part of English.  It encourages self-expression and confidence and helps children explore the feelings of others, becoming more aware of themselves and the world around them.  Drama is also a route into writing.