Aims and Ethos

Vision and Aims for the Future

Aiming High

In our school we will always try to do our best.


Badshot Lea Village Infant School is committed to offering education of the highest quality to each child. The school will provide a rich and varied curriculum that ensures all children are challenged to achieve their best. We will strive to nurture children as confident and independent learners, within a happy environment, where everyone is included and feels valued and secure. Badshot Lea Village Infant School has high expectations of all members of the school community in all aspects of their school life. We will constantly foster partnership between children, parents and carers, staff, Governors, the Farnham Confederation, the villagers of Badshot Lea and the wider community to promote the vision and aims of the school. Our achievements will be celebrated and we will always strive to improve.

We aim to:

  • Provide an education of the highest quality for each child in a happy, welcoming, caring and stimulating environment where all children feel confident to develop their potential
  • Have high expectations of academic excellence whilst promoting the moral, cultural, spiritual, social, emotional, physical and creative development of our children
  • Prepare our children for their future education and adult life by encouraging an enthusiastic and independent approach to lifelong learning
  • Develop appropriate social skills, positive self-esteem and high personal expectations
  • Encourage respect for, and tolerance of, others and appreciate and value the difference between people
  • Work together as a team to maintain our successful partnership with children, parents and carers, staff, Governors, the Farnham Confederation, the villagers of Badshot Lea and the wider community.

Above all, we will strive to ensure our children enjoy this school, and take with them happy memories of their early years with us.

School Community Ethos

Our school communities believe that we need to work in harmony so that our pupils can benefit from a relevant and current curriculum.

Our children have an entitlement to be healthy, safe, make a positive contribution, be economically aware, enjoy and achieve.

We jointly aim to develop pupils who are:

  • Motivated, secure, have good self esteem, respect themselves and others and are confident in taking appropriate risks;
  • Developing an awareness of how they learn and can apply their learning in a variety of contexts;
  • Broadening their knowledge and understanding of the world enabling respect for their own and other cultures;
  • Becoming independent learners;
  • Increasingly articulate and effective communicators.