Pupil Premium

At Badshot Lea Village Infant School we believe that personalised learning is key to our pupils achieving and ‘closing the gap’ in attainment.

Personalised learning means that pupils are given opportunities to learn in different ways – individually, in small groups and with the whole class. For some this will mean in-class support, with an adult guiding them through learning tasks. For others, it might mean attending a small group intervention programme to help develop fine motor skills for writing, drawing, or cutting with scissors. With any intervention programme our aim is to support and guide pupils to develop important skills and become more confident learners.

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Click here to see our Pupil Premium statement for 2021 - 2024 (updated for 23-24)

In order for personalised learning to be successful highly skilled and trained adults plan and deliver appropriate learning opportunities. The basic skills of listening, speaking, phonics, reading, writing and mathematics are high on our curriculum agenda.  We also continued with our Phonics Groups. For some pupils social skills development, learning to take turns, speaking in front of other pupils and adults is key to achievement. In this area of learning we arrange for pupils to attend a Social Skills Group.

Pupil Premium funding is intended to be used to support pupils from low-income families. The funding is based on Free School Meals eligibility and children who have been ‘looked after’ continuously for more than six months. For the current financial year the Pupil Premium funding increased to £1455 per eligible pupil and includes pupils eligible for Free School Meals at any point in the last six years. At Badshot Lea Village Infant School we use the Pupil Premium to provide additional adult support to run intervention programmes. Additional funding from the school’s budget is also used to provide appropriate learning opportunities, support and guidance for pupils who fall below the level of attainment expected in basic skills.  More information is set out in our strategy statement above.